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May-June 2012 Issue flowers Features:
  • Client Spotlight on Zip Delivery
  • Articles on...  Mothers and the Law
  • Who We Are Outside the Law
  • Client Testimonials from Joe Azzaro and Michael Fant
  • Spotlight on Estate Planning Practice
July-August 2012 Issue
    baseball Features:
    • Client Spotlight on Stephanie Bangs, DDS
    • Articles on...  1) Making sure your Will is ready for Vacation; 2) Immigration Reform; and 3) How to use Non-Compete Agreements (and other methods) to protect your business
    • Pictures of David's Recent Vacation to California
    • Cook & Gore Welcomes Sarah Gipson to our Staff
    • Spotlight on Probate Practice
    November-December 2012 Issue church Features:
    • Election Day Post detailing historic political campaign commercials, historic political campaign cartoons, and great biographies of Presidents
    • Articles on...1) Pets and Punitive Damages; 2) The Arkansas Head Football Coach's Impending Bankruptcy; and 3) Back-Child Support in Texas hits $11 Billion
    • Who We Are Outside the Law...Family Pictures from this Fall
    • Client Testimonial from April Jones
    March-April 2013 Issue  elderlycouple


    • Information about our Open Office Hours
    • How to Read a Contract
    • How to Choose a Guardian for your Children
    • Taking Care of Grandma When She Can No Longer Take Care of Herself